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Tell us about your hosting needs, such as how many websites you need. You can be as specific or as vague as you like.

Step 2


We show you the best hosting packages that meet all your criteria, and highlight the latest deals. You can compare features and pricing and identify the right web host package for you.

Step 3


Now you have found the best package you can click through to that company and sign up knowing you have made the best choice.

So why use our comparison site?

To get online you need a web host. But choosing one can be bewildering. We are the only site that allows you to compare all major web hosts, packages, features and prices. We cover only reputable web hosts, we focus on critical features, and we standardize and simplify the way the pricing is described.

This means you can easily compare real prices, both during special offer periods, and at regular renewal rates. We make ensure we are covering the best web hosts and offer the best deals available on the internet today, and every day. Currently we cover all the best shared hosting packages, but look out as we expand in to other hosting services.

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We hand pick all of the best hosting companies.

Making a good decision about your web host is very important, so making this easy is our sole purpose. To do that we make sure we cover all major web host packages on the market. We use selection criteria of our own to ensure we are only including reputable and stable hosts, since we know that reputable and stable are critical features of any web host provider.

We track new market entrants and include them as and when they have established themselves. We always welcome suggestions for new reputable hosts to include in our comparison services. Please send us any feedback

How do we benefit?

We are affiliates of all the hosts on this site, which means they all pay us, and we believe they are all reputable. However we do not recommend one host over another, because we empower you to state your needs, and show you all web host packages that meet your criteria.

Our goal is to give you what you need to make your choice. We believe being neutral is critical for your future and for ours, so our pledge is that it will always be your requirements that determine the packages and providers we show you, and not our affiliate arrangements.

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